How to create a great essay in English – a little assist

Passing the USE in English, you need to write an essay-reasoning, where the author expresses his own opinion on this statement, giving examples of “for” and “against”. Document write goals tend to be of a variety of topics, but the structure remains the same no matter what is the plot. It is necessary to express and prove your opinion, to convince the audience of specific point of a view, to persuade in your direction. At the same time, great attention is paid to criticism of the reverse position.


The preparation should contain such your actions as:

1. Study the topic carefully, find out general arguments for it or express your own opinion

2. Think about the content.

3. Writing an essay with arguments "for" and "against" divide the material into four paragraphs.

Forming a document write outline will help to conform your thoughts. Start with the topic of your essay. Then, in a numbered list, identify three main ideas of the chosen topic. Choose the best arguments for persuasion. To explain something, establish certain stages and sequence of explanation. If you want to communicate something, write down the main categories into which your message will be divided. For each idea, provide some examples to support it.


The introduction should give the reader an idea of the main direction of your thoughts in the essay. The introduction is not divided into paragraphs and is a single block. It should be neither too long nor too short. A few lines are enough to outline the main points of your work. The introduction does not express personal opinion. It highlights the topic and the way you intend to cover it.

Main part

Divide the main part of essay by 2-3, according to your ideas that you are highlighted in the plan. Each part corresponds to one idea and occupies a paragraph. Each part in meaning should be one, but different from the other. The main ideas of document write should be reasoned and supported by examples.


Conclusion is the last part of your essay. It is important to pay special attention to it. The conclusion is a synthesis of everything that you wrote earlier, but worded differently. In conclusion, you can express your opinion about the topic of the article.


After creating the essay, read it again, then read it again and check the consistency of the presentation, the correspondence of the number, the logic of the number of words to the spelling and punctuation requirements, consistency in gender, persons and numbers. As additional assist, you can contact to your relatives – let your parents read your essay. They will take a fresh look at the article and be able to see typos

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